Hello, and welcome to Bella Avani!

Bella Avani (Beautiful Earth) came from an evolution of need. Starting with a desire to heal my youngest daughter’s skin after a reaction to a “natural” product, I quickly started making all my family’s skin care preparations. When a friend was pregnant with her second and started suffering from itchy, stretched out skin a month before her due date, she asked me if I had anything to help. I mixed up my first shea butter cream and brought it over. She was so impressed with the product, she started sharing it with friends who quickly requested cream of their own to purchase. With that, Bella Avani was born.

My commitment to my customers as well as my involvement with my local and broader community, help ground Bella Avani in my wider values of creating safe, natural and sustainable skin care products. All Bella Avani products are natural, non-toxic, nutritive, soothing to your skin and carefully formulated and handcrafted by me. My essential oils are sourced from companies who, directly with their distillers, provide country of origin, distillation date and batch specific GC/MS reports. All herbs are sourced from companies who are committed to the organic and sustainable cultivation of plants. And, all my raw ingredients are sourced from small companies offering a natural and organic range of carrier oils and butters from around the world.

My educational training sets Bella Avani apart from other artisan companies. Not only am I a certified aromatherapist and professionally qualified in the therapeutic safe use of essential oils, but a certified herbalist as well.

Essential oils and herbs can be helpful additions to keeping our bodies and minds healthy, but like anything concerned with the health of our bodies, safety is always a priority. With my educational background and training, you can be assured that any herbs or essential oils are used in a safe and appropriate way.

Look around and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to elizabeth@bellaavani.com