Crazy for Coconut!

I love experimenting and anything that I think I can safely smear on my face, I do. I recently found coconut flour in the gluten free section of my supermarket and thought it would make a yummy masque / cleanser. If it didn’t work, I figured I’ll end up making cookies with it. Coconut flour is made from fresh coconut meat which is dried, defatted and finely ground, and is processed without any chemicals or preservatives (bonus!).

I added some kaolin clay and vanilla bean specks and boy oh boy was this a feast for the face and the senses! This combination of decadent ingredients will gently cleanse, exfoliate, stimulate circulation and help soften and smooth your skin. Easy to make, this powdered cleanser needs a liquid – you can use water, yogurt or cream – add about a teaspoon of powder and enough liquid to make a paste – you determine thick or thin. Gently massage onto face and neck. You can leave it to dry as a masque, or rinse off for a cleanser. Round out this delectable experience by using virgin coconut oil as your moisturizer. I feel like I am in the tropics now!

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