New product!

This product goes by many names – Runner’s Butter, Magic Butter, All Purpose Butter! A soothing, combination of cocoa butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and extra virgin coconut oil, this is a transformative skin treatment is sumptuous in any season, but really stands out in winter! Cocoa butter heals and moisturizes, golden jojoba oil is a natural anti-oxidant, highly penetrating and closely resembles the sebum in our skin, extra virgin coconut oil smells like fresh coconuts and is healing for dry, itchy, sensitive skin. One of our beta testers had this to say after using it before a snowy run: “Tnx Beth for the runners butter! I smeared it all over my face–no wind burn here. Beth makes great products.” Until we formally launch this product, we are making it available in our no frills packing option – just a plain white jar with the product name written on the cap. Order it here!

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