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Cocoa & Mango Butter Nourishing Cream

“I’ve been using the cocoa & mango butter after lap swim and it does a superb job of hydrating my face — usually it feels tight and dry within an hour but one application of your cream keeps it soft and smooth all day!” S.M., East Rochester, NY

“Oh. my. gracious! My skin, after one use is as smooth as my 6 month old’s skin! I review quite a few things but I am totally honest when I say this is one of THE best products I have ever reviewed. I’m so excited!” M.C., Owego, NY

“At different times I have had a persistent forearm rash and an extremely sensitive skin patch on my thigh that made the touch of clothing painful. Both were present over many days. In each case I tried applying your Cocoa and Mango Butter Cream to the affected area and the condition cleared up within a day. It is also great as an odorless, non-greasy hair cream.” M.R., Syracuse, NY

Lavender & Rose Cleansing Cream

“LOVING the cleansing cream (and soap). You’ve got great products.” P.T., Pittsford, N.Y.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the face cleanser. It is so creamy! wow!” C.M., Chicago, IL

“Bella Avani has the best products I have used in a long, long time. Everything is prepared perfectly and with the utmost care. In the past, I have had problems with products that I use on my face, however, I have never had any problem whatsoever with Bella Avani products. I would highly recommend any of the products.” M.W., Rochester, N.Y.

Botanical Moisturizing Salve

“I really like the Bella Avani Botanical Moisturizing Salve. It applies smoothly, has a subtle, natural fragrance and it feels good on my skin. I smooth it on my legs every night at bedtime. Since using Bella Avani salve, I no longer have dry and itchy legs.” Y.R., Syracuse, NY

“The botanical salve saves my life! I am plagued with dry skin, but am saved by Bella Avani’s salve!” J.J., Albany, NY

“As luck would have it I had a mild latex reaction to the straps I use in physical therapy and last night I applied your botanical salve. It provided immediate relief!” S.L.M., Rochester NY

“The botanical salve has been great. When I wash my hands with something irritating I can use your salve and they feel better almost immediately.” C.K., Rochester, NY

“I do a lot of home improvement work and my hands are always a mess but after only one application they immediately felt better! FINALLY, a product I love!” S.M. East Rochester, NY

Aromatherapy Massage Products

“My patients in both of my practices love the feel and the smell. They can tell immediately if I use anything else on them. Elizabeth products are true quality products and I am proud to use them in my practice and daily life.” L.O., Rochester, NY