Same preservative, different name!

One thing I love about my job is decoding the ingredient list of products my clients use. One of my clients is a massage therapist and my newest challenge is to make an all natural massage lotion. To do that I have to understand the product and what is in it. At first glance, the ingredients look pretty standard, and then I came to methyl parasept and propyl parasept. We are all familiar with methyl, ethyl and the family of parabens, so what is the parasept family? After a little research, I found that parasept is a synonym for paraben. Caveat emptor! Although the parabens are a broad spectrum preservative, they mimic estrogen and have been found urine samples in people who have been sampled (Ye, 2006a), as well as been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors (Darbre, 2004). Please, please read your ingredient labels avoid the paraben and their synonyms!

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