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Blissful Body Butter

Blissful Body Butter


We are so excited to launch our newest product, Blissful Body Butter! Loaded with skin yumminess, organic jojoba oil, organic prime pressed cocoa butter and virgin coconut oil, this butter is love from head to toe!

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    Product Description

    A soothing, combination of cocoa butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and extra virgin coconut oil, this is a transformative skin treatment that is sumptuous in any season, but really stands out in winter! Cocoa butter heals and moisturizes, golden jojoba oil is a natural anti-oxidant, highly penetrating and closely resembles the sebum in our skin, extra virgin coconut oil smells like fresh coconuts and is healing for dry, itchy, sensitive skin.

    Our testers, who are a hearty bunch of winter warriors, said this after using it before a snowy run: “Thanks for this butter! We smear it all over our faces and no wind burn here. Beth, you make great products.”